"That hike was INTENSE...but 100% worth it..."

Our day began roughly around 3AM. Hair and makeup needed to be done, we packed all our camera and video gear into the car, and I also had time to make some burritos. (I need food any time of the day)

It was going to be a rough hike. Kelso Dunes is about an hour and a half away from my little town Mohave Valley, and when we arrived the sun was just coming up. It was a beautiful morning, and it was actually cold which helped us a lot.

The walk/hike to the actual dunes is about 1.5 miles. Without camera/video gear and all our outfits, it would have been a little easier. The walk consists of soft, sinking sand, and hills that make you want to just stop and go back to the car, haha. Maybe we were just being a bit dramatic, but the hike is tough!

Arriving to the top was the best part. We sat for a bit to catch our breaths, and then got to work. At the time, my best friend and her boyfriend were doing photo and video as well, so it was cool working all together.

These portraits of my amazing model Marie, are so breathtaking. Her posing, outfits, the location and sun. It all just tied together at that point and made me thankful to be there.

I hope you enjoy this set!