Their wedding was magical and everyone that traveled to be here had so much love for them.

A little backstory- Courtney and I actually went to high school together. She was a grade older than me, and we had Student Council together! She is such a fun and amazing person, so when she asked me about doing her wedding photos, I immediately said YES!

Sean and Courtney's wedding was in Salinas, California. If you follow me, you know that I am based in Bullhead City, Arizona... about 8 hours from there, haha. The original plan was for me to go by myself, but with my youngest son being so attached to me, there was no way I can make the trip alone for the weekend. My fiancé and 2 boys came with me, and we actually did some sight seeing the day after the wedding, it was beautiful there!


I arrived a bit early, as I have never been here before and I wanted to scope out some locations for the bridal photos and romantics. The location for the ceremony was SO CUTE! It was also on a vineyard, and I was pretty ecstatic about that. I greeted their family and met up with Sean and the rest of the groomsmen, which were all so fun and outgoing. It is always so nice to have such an upbeat wedding party, it makes the wedding photos run smoothly and turn out great. We were all waiting for the bridesmaids and bride to be Courtney to arrive.

When they got there, they came out of a huge Limousine. You could probably tell I was over the moon about this!! LIKE HOW COOL?!?! Courtney's bridesmaids helped her out, making sure her dress wasn't getting dirty.


As everyone found their seating, I was getting ready as well. It is always so exciting the final few moments right before everyone walks down the aisle. Like seriously, I had butterflies in MY stomach, I wonder how the bride and groom were feeling! The way Sean looked at Courtney when she finally came up to the altar was just amazing. You could definitely tell how much love is between these two! There were a lot of tears during the ceremony, especially during the vows. (PS, if you are contemplating writing your own vows, JUST DO IT. It is so much more romantic and intimate, and its a great memory to have!)


After we did the wedding party photos, which by the way were a B L A S T, we all rode in the limo and while they partied it up, I took photos! It was the best time ever, Courtney and Sean were so laid back and let me capture what I needed too, without everyone questioning it. The way that the trusted me and my vision, was so heartwarming and meant a lot to me.

We finally arrived where the reception was, and everyone was eating, drinking, having a fun time! We did family portraits, I took some detail shots ( see below ) and then had to finally say goodbye! I wanted to stay all night, but it was time for me to leave.

THANK YOU, Sean and Courtney for not only trusting me 100% with your wedding portraits, but for welcoming me as if I was a family member. I wish you a lifetime full of happiness and laughter, forever and ever.... I can't wait for the many more sessions to come with you two!