A lot of the times you hear about a boudoir session and instantly think, "I could never do that." "My body wasn't meant for one of those sessions." "I don't know how to pose like that." "I don't have the confidence to do that."

And let me tell you something. Every single body can do a boudoir session. There is no "body type" for a session. Its basically just you, show up and trust your photographer. Even if you aren't booking with me, really connect and establish a relationship with your photographer so you know you are comfortable. Truth is, my clients leave their session with that confidence they were looking for, and when they see their galleries, it boosts their confidence even MORE.

you are a goddess.

you are worthy, no matter your body type.

let me show you this.

Any questions you have, send them my way. Let's create a bomb ass session that whenever you are feeling down about yourself you will look back on these photos and remember that you are PERFECT the way you are.

Pricing & Packages


The Classic

The Classic Session is great starting session if you are only needing a few images. This gallery comes with
10 digital images, 25 minute session, and your own private online gallery to view and print your photos.

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*Travel Fees may apply.

Extra person(s) can be added to a session for an additional fee.

All Boudoir Sessions can be indoors or outdoors.