A random place to have a photoshoot- Vintage Laundromat

Before starting photography, I used to think about taking random photos at the local laundromat we have in our town. It’s actually pretty vintage and aesthetic looking in there already, and the lighting isn’t too bad! Pretty perfect for a photoshoot if you ask me, haha.

Kelly is one of my senior reps and I knew she’d be a great model for the session. She has such a cute style, and a fun personality, and I’m so glad she was totally for it! 

Space is pretty limited there, especially if there is a lot of people. So some tips if you want to have a successful session at the laundromat. (Never thought I would say that lol) 

First thing is, work around people. Don’t get in anybody’s way. People are there to get their laundry done, not be bothered by someone taking photos for fun.

Second, a wide angled lens is probably best. (24 or 35mm would be best) I learned the hard way with my 50mm, but that’s my go to lens so I used it anyways. I did pull out my wide angled lens for a few at the end. There’s just not so much space unless it is completely empty. 

Third, know what kind of lighting you’ll have. This laundromat has one side of huge windows, and that’s it. So not too much natural lighting, but it’s pretty great for that vintage feel. I took these photos (shown below) around 10AM, but if I took them around 4pm, the sun would be shining right through the windows and it would be way brighter and more golden. 

I hope you enjoyed this session! I loved every single photo. I cannot wait to do more sessions in random/unique locations! 

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